Farmville now has its own website

Are you a dedicated virtual farmer? Do you constantly care for your crops, as a mother would to to a newborn baby? Do you have moments when you hurry to your account just to check if you can already harvest your trees and animals? Do constantly bug your friends to send you Farmville gift items in order to complete your stable?Are you one of the 83 million monthly Facebook users who play Farmville daily?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, then we have great news to tell you. Farmville, the most popular Facebook virtual farming game, has now launched its own website.

Back when Zynga lauched the game in June 2009,  Farmville was only geared to attract 6,000 Facebook users during the first few days.  The game exceeded all expectations as it garnered 18,000 users in 24 hours and the number climbed to a whooping 1 million users in just four days.

The new Farmville website ( is expected to help dedicated virtual farmers such as a Game Bar, where one can check if the crops are ready for harvest and a Game card.  The website will also be useful in case Facebook is down or if the user is using computers that block social networking sites.