Father and daughter reunited through Google (Video)


Dirk Pratt hadn’t held his daughter, Francesca, since she was just 2 years old. For 27 years, he thought his little girl had died from a mosquito bite on a visit to Ecuador.

Just recently, after watching the James McAvoy movie “Wanted“, Pratt said he was motivated to “Google” his own name.

And he was stunned to hit upon a 2007 message from his daughter, which read: “I am trying to contact Dirk Pratt. I am his daughter.”

“The first thought in my mind was, ‘Francesca or a sick joke?'” he told Komo News.

But it was no joke.

After the two swapped message, Francesca finally learned the truth. She had been told her father had died in a diving accident.

On Wednesday, Dirk and his daughter reunited at last.

VIDEO: Google helps father, daughter reunite after 27 years