Father caught eating baby

Father Caught Eating Baby in Papua New Guinea

In today’s shocking news, a drug-crazed father in Papua New Guinea was detained by police after allegedly eating his newborn son during a morbid sorcery ritual.

Authorities said local residents awoke to the baby’s screams and discovered the father allegedly eating his child. The angry mob chased him to the police station, where he was apprehended, but it was too late to save the infant, who died of his injuries.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

“Locals are saying the man was carrying out a sorcery ritual, or initiation, to become part of some sort of special society,” Sergeant Demas Tapea said.

“The suspect has a long history of drug abuse and we are not surprised something like this has happened.

“A few years ago, he went crazy in what we believe was due to the effects of drugs,” he said.

Belief in sorcery remains strong in PNG. In 2009, it was estimated at least 50 people were killed in sorcery-related murders.