Fatty foods can induce drug-like addiction

There is more to losing weight than meets the eye.

Researchers from the “Nature Neuroscience” discovered that gorging on high-calorie foods like cheesecakes, chocolates, and junk food can trigger symptoms in rats, similar to cocaine-like addition. Although the study cannot be directly applied to obesity in humans, this study can serve as a guide to further find ways to remedy the condition.

Obesity has long been a problem in the United States. It is estimated that an average of two-thirds of American adults are over-weight.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, who made the study, divided the rats into three groups. The first group was fed with a normal healthy diet. The second group was given junk food, but it was on a regulated schedule. The third group of rats which was given unrestricted amounts of high-calorie foods, became obese and started bingeing.

The research gave credence to the claims of what obese patients have been saying over the years–that it is extremely difficult to stop eating junk food.

According to HCG Diet Direct, a study published by the US Mayo Clinic, obesity is an epidemic that continues to gain strength. It affects America, as well as other countries.

Side effects of obesity include diabetes, stroke, and other heart conditions.