FBI Arrests Alleged Russian Spies

In what can be described as something out of a John Le Carre novel, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested 10 people suspected of working as spies for the Russian government. The FBI carried out the arrests on Monday in the culmination of a long investigation that started way back during the incumbency of former President Bill Clinton.

Court documents showed that the alleged Russian spies spent years integrating themselves into the American culture in a bid to collect and ferret out sensitive information without being noticed. The operation, as claimed by US authorities, involved the placement of the Russian agents in non-government US think tanks, where they could collect information from unsuspecting Washington insiders.

The FBI said the arrests would definitely compromise the operations of the spy network. Officials also doubt whether the spies were actually able to succeed in their mission, although some of those arrested have been living in the US for around 20 years.

The suspects were arrested on Sunday in a series of raids conducted in Arlington, New York, New Jersey, and Boston. Authorities are still looking for one more suspect who eluded arrest.