FBI busts hacker over Miley’s pics

Josh Holly, the self-confessed hacker who bragged about breaking into Miley Cyrus‘ old email account was raided by the FBI, reports Wired.com.

Federal agents raided his Tennessee home and seized computer equipment after learning Holly has allegedly bragged to pals about flooding the Internet with racy Cyrus pictures.

Last December, Holly, who went by the screen names “TrainReq,” “Rockz” and “h4x,” gained access to a Gmail account Cyrus had once used (messagemebaby@gmail.com) and found images the Hannah Montana actress had allegedly sent to singer Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Proud of his dirty work, Holly, 19, leaked indecent photos of the Disney star wearing a wet shirt in the shower, baring her midriff while blowing a kiss to a mirror, and posing seductively in her underwear and bathing suit.

Despite his actions, Holly wrote that he was not trying to hurt Cyrus with the pictures. “I want to clear up that I DO NOT hate miley. The reason I leak these is because that’s what people want to see. I feel kinda bad, cause I do know I kinda messed up her career a little.”

(Image: askmen.com)