Ferrari 599XX Marks New Nurburgring Record

The Ferrari 599XX has set a new record across theĀ Nordschleife (“Northern Loop”) circuit of the Nurburgring motor sports complex.Ferrari-599XX

The car model took 6 minutes 58.16 seconds to make one lap of the 22.81 km (14.173 miles) circuit. Race events held at the Nurburgring, which is located in Nurburg, Germany are the German Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix and at some point in time, the Luxembourg Grand Prix.

The 599XX was developed for track use but not for official competition.

It is powered by a V12 engine and features Ferrari’s High-Performance Dynamic Concept. It is an integrated design and chassis set-up with the objective of using sophisticated electronics to control the mechanical limits of the handling – all for maximum performance.

It also introduces the Actiflow System, an aerodynamics concept that increases downforce and/or cuts drag, which depends on the car’s trim during cornering. This level of downforce ensured is up to 1390 lb at 186mph.