Fired Illegal Prostitute Seeks Court Redress

A South African prostitute has asked the country’s Court of Appeals to hear her case against the owner of a massage parlor where she used to offer her services. The woman simply known as Kylie is suing the owner of the parlor in Cape Town for allegedly firing her illegally in 2003.

Reports said Kylie was fired because she was picky with customers and spent a lot of time with her boyfriend, who naturally, received her services for free. Several local courts have refused to accept the case over the years for the reason that prostitution is not legal in South Africa.

However, Kylie’s lawyer argues that the question is not about the legality of prostitution; rather it is whether the dismissal was fair to the aggrieved party.

The Labor Appeals Court is currently examining Kylie’s case. One of the appeals court judge said the case makes no sense because it appears that Kylie is asking the court to “please protect me from someone who is stopping me from doing something criminal.”