2 firefighters killed in California wildfires


Two firefighters battling a wildfire in the hills above Los Angeles died Sunday afternoon in a vehicle crash after their truck was overrun by fast-moving flames and rolled down a mountain slope.

The two died south of the town of Acton at around 2:30 p.m., a fire department spokesman said. They were later identified as Arnaldo Quinones, 35, of Palmdale and Tedmund Hall, 47, of San Bernardino County.

According to reports, the blaze has more than quadrupled in size since Friday, scorching more than 35,000 acres of underbrush and trees and threatening at least 12,500 homes and other structures.

“These fires are still totally out of control,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said at the fire’s command post in Lakeview Terrace. “This is a huge and is a very dangerous fire.”

Three other people have been reported injured, and authorities say two of them were critically burned when they tried to ride out the firestorm by sitting in a backyard hot tub.