First Full-Face Transplant Gives Man New Look

The world’s first full-face transplant patient, a man from Madrid, presented himself to the media on Monday to thank his doctors and the family of the donor.

In his first appearance to the TV cameras since his surgery, 31-year-old Oscar spoke about his operation which took place in late March.

According to reports, it took doctors 24 hours to do the surgery. The procedure included the lifting of his entire face, including jaw, nose, cheekbones, muscles, teeth and eyelids, and placed it masklike onto the man.

Apparently, Oscar is a farmer who accidentally shot himself in the face five years ago, giving him difficulty to breathe or eat on his own.

After the surgery, the patient can now drink liquids and eat soft foods. For the past two months, he has already been capable of speaking, according to a statement released by Vall d’Hebron hospital where he was operated on.

Dr. Joan Pere Barret, head of the surgical team, said Oscar will need “between a year and 18 months of physical therapy and is expected to regain up to 90 percent of his facial functions.”