First Lady Michelle Obama Starts Child Anti-Obesity Program

US First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled Tuesday, February 9, her child anti-obesity program.michelle-obama-abroad

The campaign is entitled “Let’s Move”.

Some of the reasons for the concern regarding this problem are first; one out of three American children are overweight or obese. Second, it can be a base for other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Third, billions of dollars are spent in treating children with these condition. Fourth, socially, it can help stop children be bullied. And lastly, (for this list, there could be other reasons out there) health experts project that these children will not outlive their parents.

“None of us wants this future for our kids,’’ she said at the White House. “We have to act.’’ She is aiming to have this program as her legacy.

The campaign will have a website called, a 400 million dollar a year Health Food Financing Initiative (which will bring decent food stores in poor areas) and athletes as promoters.

New York Yankee Curtis Granderson will be one of those athletes.