First Responders of 9/11 Attacks Get Settlement Approval

September_14_2001_Ground_Zero_02A US district judge has approved a settlement compensation to the more than 10,000 workers who claimed illnesses due to rescue, recovery and debris removal operations after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.

Judge Alvin Hellerstein approved the settlement amounting to 712.5 million dollars Wednesday, June 23.

“I intend to approve this settlement, and I now do so as a fair, adequate and reasonable settlement reflecting hard work and a concern for fairness by all parties,” said Hellerstein. “It is fair in amount and fair in procedures.”

The judge rejected a similar settlement last March. At that time he called for further negotiations between the parties so that they may come up with more money for the plaintiffs. The agreement back then was at 575 million dollars. The maximum amount applicable during that time is 657 million dollars.

For the settlement to be finalized, 95% of the plaintiffs have to agree to it. Deadline for their decision to agree will be on September 8.