Five States Follow Arizona Footsteps

US_ICELawsuits and protests from civil rights and religious groups seem to be lacking the effect that they are supposed to be imposing against the immigration law implemented by the state of Arizona after five more states emerged to be implementing similar legislation.

Following in the footsteps of Arizona are Michigan, South Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

The federal government has already filed a lawsuit against Arizona for what they say is an act of usurping its job of immigration control. Analysts believe that the fact is the reason why states are jumping into implementing such state laws. That is, the lack of the federal government to control immigration.

Arizona’s law will make being an illegal immigrant a crime. It will take effect starting July 29.

In some states, regulations are implemented regarding illegal immigrants such as not giving in-state tuitions in Colorado, restrictions of public benefits in Nebraska and meriting a misdemeanor if one presents knowingly a fake identification in Tennessee.