Flights Getting Diverted Out of Safety

One flight was diverted because of a suspicious package that turned out to be a Christmas ornament while two others turned back to their origin point after smoke was smelled in their respective

Flights are highly and extra cautious after a foiled terror attempt in a Northwest flight last Christmas Day.

Last Friday, January 1, another Northwest flight from Detroit, Michigan to Orlando, Florida was diverted to Nashville, Tennessee after a suspicious package was found aboard. The pilot diverted “out of an abundance of caution.” All the passengers have got off the plane before the package was discovered to be just a Christmas ornament. The passengers re-boarded and arrived at Orlando three hours delayed.

Last Saturday, January 2, two flights of Delta Airlines returned to Boston, Massachusetts after being on air for only a few minutes. Both pilots reported that they have smelled smoke in their respective cockpits. All the passengers were rebooked on different flights. The planes’ destinations were New York and Columbus, Ohio. The incidents are still being investigated.

Delta and Northwest have recently merged.