Florida Man Gets 15 Years for Jail Break-In

A convicted felon finally got his wish to return to jail when he was sentenced 15 years for climbing a 12-foot wire fence of the Brevard County Detention Center last year. Judge George Maxwell said in his decision that Sylvester Jiles, who was previously convicted for manslaughter then released on probation, violated the terms of his temporary release when he tried to break into the jail.

The 25-year-old Jiles, who was convicted for killing a teenager in 2007, was released on August 28 last year. However, he came back to the detention center and begged the police officers to take him back because he feared retaliation from the family of his victim. Police said they rejected Jiles’ request and advised him to file a report instead. Convinced that he would be safer in jail, Jiles climbed the detention center’s 12-foot wire fence, but fell and suffered deep cuts as he attempted to scale a second fence, court records show.