Flying tire kills spectator at NHRA event (video)

Antron Brown Crash Video

A female fan was killed Sunday during the NHRA Arizona Nationals in Chandler when a loose tire was ejected from the track surface and struck her.

The woman was watching a first-round run at Firebird International Raceway when Antron Brown’s 8,000-horsepower dragster went out of control on the strip and its left rear tire and wheel came off. She was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Phoenix, where she was pronounced dead.

“It felt like the back end just dropped out and the car started pitching end over end,” Brown told “I saw a little burst of flame come around my head and I saw sparks. The Safety Safari guy was right there, and the next thing I knew somebody was trying to help pull me out of the race car.”

Luckily, Brown was not injured in the incident.

WATCH: Antron Brown Crash Video