Former Nebraska RB Gets Life Sentence; Shows No Remorse

Former Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Thunder Collins was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 130 years for committing murder in August.


The athlete was convicted of first and second-degree murders, weapons charges and felony assault.  The sentences are to be served separately.

Collins killed 38-year-old Timothy Thomas and wounded another California man, Marshall Turner. The shooting incident was about a botched drug deal.

Collins however insists his innocence and keeps a never say die attitude. He told the judge that only God can actually judge him and that he would see him out of the courts once his sentence is repealed at the appeals court. He also said to his critics that he would prefer to be buried facedown so that they could kiss his ass. For the family of the victims, he only said that he is sorry for the pain but he is not apologizing for their death. He argued, “because it could have easily been me.”