Former UK PM Gordon Brown Blocked Steve Jobs Knighthood

Reports surfaced in the Internet that the former prime minister of the United Kingdom tried to block the knighthood of Apple CEO Steve Jobs because the latter previously declined to be a speaker at a Labour Party conference.

Jobs was considered for the honor for his services to technology. The iPad and the iPhone are considered one of the greatest innovations of Apple.

Apple and Jobs apparently knew that there was such a proposal and that it had reached the final levels of the approval process.

A representative for Gordon has denied the allegations.

However, as Jobs is not a British subject, he would not have been able to enjoy the title “Sir” before his name had he actually been given the honorary knighthood. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates was given the honorary knighthood in 2005 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The CEO is currently under speculations as whether he will be attending the March 2 Apple event where the next generation for iPad might be announced.