France to Take Steps in Banning the Burqa

The first step towards the banning of the full Islamic veil will be implemented by France today, January 26.burqa

President Nicolas Sarkozy made the initial signs to prohibit the use of burqa. He said that the burqa is “not welcome” in France since it is a symbol of women “subservience” – something that contradicts the country’s statement as a leader in human rights advocacy.

There will be 18 recommendations regarding the ban including prohibiting its use in “public services” such as hospitals, schools and transport.

With 1900 women wearing the burqa, France is home to Europe’s biggest Muslim minority at six million.

Most French citizens favor the ban (at 57%) but are not unanimous on how to discourage them in using the burqa. However, the Muslim Council of France opposes the ban.

The 32-man panel from the parliament, who has been meeting and questioning experts regarding the matter for the last six months, will issue their recommendations regarding the ban today.