French Riot Police Protest Alcohol Ban

France’s anti-riot police are up in arms after superiors prohibited them from having beer or wine while on duty, the Telegraph said in a report.

According to the report, the Republican Security Companies (CRS) are threatening a work stoppage after they were prohibited from having beer or wine during their main meals—a tradition that French police have enjoyed through the years. French police are allowed to have up to 25 cl of wine or beer while on duty.

Police union national secretary Didier Mangione said the CRS felt like they are being treated like children with the imposition of the ban. “Our right to drink alcohol with our food is protected by the law and our members are very unhappy at being treated like children,” he said. Mangione said CRS officers should be allowed to drink alcohol in moderation. “Nobody should object to a small drink on jobs,” he said. “CRS officers do not have any more or less alcohol problems than anybody else in society. They should be allowed to drink in moderation.”

Police superiors imposed the ban after several fully-armed CRS members where photographed having beer during recent street protests in Paris.