French Woman Arrested for Killing Eight Newborn Babies

dominique_cottrezA French woman who was reported to be a nursing assistant was charged with infanticide after killing eight newborn babies. Her husband meanwhile was also arrested for failing to report the incident and helped concealing the bodies.

Dominique Cottrez, 45, and husband Pierre-Marie, 47, were arrested after two bodies were found in the house that used to belong to the parents of Cottrez while the other six were found in the couple’s home. They live in Villers-au-Tertre, France. They have grown-up children and grandchildren.

The remains found in the first house were wrapped in plastic and it is believed that those bodies have been buried in the garden for more than 20 years now.

Reports now indicate that Cottrez “has been killing her babies since 1988.”

Other news sources are now saying that while in custody, Cottrez admitted of killing the babies, which are her children.

Pierre-Marie, the husband, is a third-termer local councilman.