Friendster is having a major makeover (video)

new-friendsterI got this news by accident when I was stalking someone and Google suggested me her Friendster page (shhh!). So I logged in to my account (after 6 months or so) and I saw this background image that says “Watch this face!”, I clicked it and I was redirected to this profile page.

I checked the page out and it looks like Friendster is in for a major makeover today (December 4). They have a new logo and a new tag line: “Connecting Smiles”.

I’ve embedded their promo video below in which it calls out other social networks for being plain and boring. What? Facebook???

With a new logo, tag line and design (which looks like Facebook by the way), do you think Friendster can still break into the mainstream again and pull this thing off?

VIDEO: The NEW Friendster!