From Osama to Obama

An audiotape was broadcasted Sunday, January 24, in Arab television where Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said that the Christmas Day bombing attempt was the group’s handiwork.osama

“From Osama to Obama,” was the opening message of bin Laden aired over Al Jazeera television network.

US Intelligence officials quickly raised the authenticity of the tape as they believe that bin Laden did not have any direct connection to the bombing as it was already been claimed by an independent faction of his movement in Yemen. However, the officials also said that there was never an incident of a fake audiotape message.

They also said in a statement that it was very clear from the very beginning that the bombing attempt was the work of Al Qaeda making the message in the latest audiotape as not a surprise – regardless of who the voice is.

The message said that America will not experience any security until Palestine experience it.