Galileo’s Missing Fingers Found

galileo-fingersA jar containing 2 fingers cut from the hand of Italian astronomer Galileo has been located. The fingers have been missing for nearly 300 years according to reports. A person purchased them at an auction and brought them to the Museum of the History of Science in Italy.

Three fingers were cut from Galileo’s hand in March 1737 when his body was moved from a temporary monument to its final resting place in Florence, Italy. The last tooth remaining in his lower jaw was also taken, Galluzzi said.

The two fingers will join a third finger (image right) and a tooth that were removed from Galileo’s corpse in 1737.

Galileo Galilei is most notable for inventing the telescope — among many other achievements — which enabled him to discover that the planet Jupiter has moons.  Galileo died in 1642.

[CNN via BB]