Gatorade Ends Ties with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Loses GatoradeTiger Woods has lost another endorsement contract. Sports drink maker Gatorade followed AT&T’s and Accenture’s lead by severing its ties with the troubled golfer less than two weeks since he made a formal apology for being unfaithful to his wife Elin.

Gatorade said that “we no longer see a role for Tiger for our marketing effort.” However, the PepsiCo affiliate company said it will continue to support the Tiger Woods Foundation. Last year, Gatorade stopped manufacturing a special sports drink named after Woods, but the decision was made even before the golfer’s infidelity became public in late November.

AT&T and Accenture were the first major companies to cut their ties with Woods following his admission that he carried affairs with several women in the past. However, Nike, Electronic Arts, and Upper Deck Co. have said that they will stand by Woods.

In two occasions last week, the world’s number one golfer apologized for his extramarital affairs. He broke his months of silence by appearing before a handpicked batch of reporters then days later, he issued an apology to the parents and classmates of his eldest daughter.