Gay rights activists march on DC (video)


Thousands of people marched on Washington Sunday calling for greater civil rights for gays and lesbians.

Participants took to the streets, demanding that President Barack Obama keep his campaign promises and pass federal protections for members of the LGBT community.

The National Equality March snaked past the White House and streamed down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol. Many waved rainbow flags or carried signs supporting a wide variety of causes. A pair of young women wore T-shirts exhorting: “Legalize gay.”

“Obama, I know you are listening,” singer Lady Gaga told the crowd, before shouting, “Are you listening? We will continue to push you and your administration to bring your words of promise to a reality.”

The demonstration took place a day after the US president said he would revoke a ban on gay people serving openly in the military and push to repeal a law that defines marriage as a legal union between a man and woman.

A number of participants were dejected that Obama gave no timetable for taking action.

Watch NECN’s report below: