Georgia Prisoners to Serve Time in Church

Prisoners in the country of Georgia may suddenly find themselves praying in the monasteries with their palms pressed together instead of rubbing them at jail bars.Georgia-Orthodox-Church-Coat-of-Arms

Penal officials announced the plan that was proposed by the country’s Orthodox Church. Representatives of the general prosecution office, prison ministry and Georgian Orthodox Church Patriarchate (coat of arms pictured) will decide who will be the potential candidates among the prisoners.

The solution was formulated for the overcrowding population in jails. It’s also in line with the policies to liberalize penal prosecution and define new methods of re-socialization of convicts.

The country has about 80% orthodox followers. It has played a major role in the nation’s politics with the idea of handing cassocks to prisoners to serve the remaining time of their terms in religious service being the latest foray.

It is not clear when the proposal will take effect or whether the chosen convicts can decline or what will happen once their prison sentences are finished and they are already serving in the order.