Germany Captures Eurovision

Germany will be hosting next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, thanks to a 19-year-old’s on-the-mark performance on Saturday. German contestant Lena Meyer-Landrut defeated entries from Turkey and Romania for her country’s second win in the 55-year history of the contest.

Meyer-Landrut’s performance of catchy pop song “Satellite,” garnered 246 points from the panel of judges and worldwide voters, beating the Turkish entry by 76 points. She will succeed Norway’s Alexander Rybak as Eurovision champion. Germany’s win also comes with the privilege of hosting the event next year.

This year’s edition of Eurovision was marked by the withdrawal of several countries due to financial constraints. Hungary, Andorra, Montenegro, and the Czech Republic were among those who did not join the long-running contest.

Politics also reared its ugly head in the contest, with Russian media criticizing Germany’s win as nothing but due to the country’s ability to provide financial aid to struggling European states, with one Russian television personality saying that “clearly everyone knows where to turn when they need money.”