Germany on High Alert over Attack Threat

BerlinGermany has raised its security measures at train stations, airports, and other crowded places after intelligence services received reliable information that Islamist militants are planning to launch attacks in the coming weeks.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said in a press conference that there is strong indication that al-Qaida operatives are behind the plot to attack the country. “Security authorities are considering three different threat scenarios by international terrorists. Security authorities have been pursuing these indications for weeks with the highest intensity and proper sensitivity — in closest cooperation with our international partners,” he said.

However, De Maiziere assured that there is “no reason for hysteria,” although the threat is a cause for concern for the federal government. The minister added that prevailing threat to security is the same during the federal elections last year, but he refused to elaborate so as not to compromise government investigations. “You will understand that in the interests of carrying out a successful investigation it wouldn’t be clever to make these investigations so public,” he said.