Get ready for ‘Guitar Hero Arcade’

Guitar Hero fans can expect “Guitar Hero Arcade” in February 2009. Activision plans to bring the franchise to arcades across the globe with the help of Raw Thrills and Konami.

guitar hero arcade

“Basically, Konami approached us with the deal,” said Raw Thrills VP Andrew Eloff. “It shocked the hell out of me. I was thrilled. The thing with Guitar Hero that’s so frightening is there’s so much licensing [music, patents] associated with it. We’re not set up to do all that. When Konami came to us, asking us if we wanted to develop Guitar Hero, we felt like this was a perfect symbiotic relationship.”

Guitar Hero Arcade is based on 2007’s Guitar Hero III, and has enjoyed a development timeline roughly in line with GH: World Tour, and features a guitar peripheral described as a ‘hybrid’ of the GH III and GH: WT units.

A small, “pre-production run” is already on the way, consisting of around 25 machines, while the rest will be with us “probably in the first couple weeks in February”, according to Eloff.

The only problem is… playing Guitar Hero in a public place tends to be difficult. With the arcade version, you can hardly hear the notes you’re playing and it’s easy to get knocked out of the tempo.

I would love to have that arcade version in my room. That would be awesome!

(Via MTV Multiplayer)