‘Glee’ May Cast Gwyneth Paltrow for Guest Role

Gwyneth_PaltrowAcademy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow has been reported to have been offered a two-episode guest stint in popular television musical series Glee.

Paltrow will play a singing and dancing substitute teacher and love interest to the character of Will Schuester. Schuester will get sick and Paltrow’s character will take over. Members of the club will fall in love with her and in the process captures Schuester’s attention.

It has been reported that the role was written by creator Ryan Murphy specifically for the actress.

Paltrow is not new to singing. She rendered the song Cruisin’ in 2000 with Huey Lewis for the film Duets. It was a number one hit in Australia, New Zealand and the United States for Adult Contemporary chart. She also had a rendition of Bette Davis Eyes and What Is This Thing Called Love for the 2006 film Infamous. Her latest single Country Song is from her movie of the same title which is to be released this December.

Paltrow’s episode is scheduled to air in November.