Glee star Lea Michele’s 9 secrets revealed!

Glee star Lea Michele's 9 secrets revealed Lea Michele may play the tough, ambitious, perky, and straight-arrow role of Rachel Berry in Glee. In real life, however, the star poses a more risque personality.

The diva apparently sports a total of 9 tattoos on her body. The most interesting would probably be the gold star which was inspired from her Glee character–Rachel, who always put a gold star whenever she writes her name.  Another Glee-inspired tattoo is an “Imagine” tattoo on her foot.

Lea also has a blue butterfly nestled her right foot and another on her back.. She also has two musical notes on her left shoulder.  She also has a bird tattoo on her hip. She also has another on the left side of her torso.

Another interesting mark is the “I believe” on her wrist.