Glued Penis Case Puts Four Women in Probationary Sentence

nail glueThe four women who were involved in gluing a man’s penis to his stomach for a planned revenge that went out of control got probationary sentences for a whole year.

Therese Ziemann,  Michelle Belleveau, Wendy Sewell and Tracy Hood-Davis were given probationary instructions and community service work for one whole year. If they violate the terms, they would go to jail for 30 – 60 days. All were charged with disorderly conduct. Ziemann was charged also for battery as she was the one who made the “sticking” with nail glue.

The man, Donessa Davis, thought that he will be having another wild time with lover Ziemann last July 30 in a motel in Calumet County, Wisconsin when he suddenly found himself tied up and the other three women showed up. Sewell was another lover while Hood-Davis is his wife. The fourth woman is just an acquaintance.

It turned out that it was a revenge attack for his cheating ways. They originally just planned to torment him but things went out of control and the gluing came as a spur of the moment.

The four women apologized for what had happened saying that they did not actually plan for anyone to get hurt physically. Hood-Davis has taken her husband back.

Mr. Davis meanwhile said that he is acknowledging the poor decisions he had made in his life.