God Of War 3: The Aftermath (a quick review of GOW3)

The time has come to let the gods have a taste of their own wrath. Kratos has finally returned in God Of War 3 and has taken the battle right in the doorsteps of Mt. Olympus.

GOW3 still has the same feel of the two previous GOW franchise. It still has the same linear quest so there will be no branching paths. The game still features the same offense oriented controls. As the game progresses, different combos can be unlocked and this will definitely keep the body count piling up. Aside from the familiar experience brought about by the first two GOWs, GOW3 also gives the player some new powers and weapons to help Kratos beat the gods to a bloody pulp. An exciting feature of these new powers would be the ability of a player to access previously inaccessible areas from the past GOWs. The graphics also had a major improvement (as compared to GOW1 and 2). The game became more detailed to the point that a player could barely distinguish the cut-scenes from the actual gameplay.

However, there are a few things that prevented GOW3 from being a perfect 10. The first is the locked camera angle. Since the player does not have any control over the camera angle it may prove to be a little difficult to try to map some obstacles or just simply stop by and enjoy the stunning graphics. Also, the campaign is only clocked in at around nine hours of gameplay. Though there are “challenge” and “arena” modes included, the time is still a little too short for most hardcore gamers. Some may also find that the “normal” difficulty setting is not that much of a challenge. For veteran gamers it would be highly recommended to change the difficulty to a higher level to get a better feel of GOW.

With these few minor “flaws”, it is safe to say that GOW3 has lived up to the fan’s expectations. It is now up to you to fulfill the ghost of Sparta’s destiny.