God of War Hype Hits High as Stores Go for Midnight Launches

With the very imminent arrival of the hottest game of the year (a few hours in counting), God of War III (GOWIII) is hyped to take what its predecessors did and finally help many people decide if they will buy a Playstation 3 (PS3) or not.God of War III

God of War I and God of War II both won numerous accolades including many “Game of the Year” awards.

GOWIII and Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII) are regarded to be the flagship games for the PS3 to jack up its sales. FFXIII was released last week. GOWIII has a pre-order sales record of 487,000 units. The prediction will have to be checked if it became true a few weeks from now. GOWIII is an exclusive game for PS3 while FFXIII is not.

However, an interview with game director Stig Amussen revealed that they don’t even know if the game actually used at least half of PS3’s powers.

“Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50% of PlayStation 3’s power at this point,” he stated.

International video game and entertainment reseller GameStop will be hosting launch events for the game in 3,500 branches across the United States. Five branches of Future Shop in Canada will also host launch events at midnight.

GOWIII is to be released in North America on March 16, in Australia on March 18, in Europe on March 19 and in Japan on March 25.