Goodbye Moon Return Program

The project to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 will be scrapped if the current budget proposal of President Barack Obama passes through Congress.full-moon

The Constellation program was started way back in George W. Bush administration. Aside from sending back astronauts to the moon, it also had the aim of studying the possibility of establishing a lunar colony. The program “was over budget, behind schedule and lacking in innovation due to a failure to invest in critical new technologies’ said the Obama Budget report.

Instead, the administration is urging that budget be spent to test out new rocket technology research to help make into reality the visions of the President to use robotic ships in finding locations for future space explorations and landings.

Due to this new vision, NASA would be receiving 19 billion dollars in budget in 2011. That’s an increase from the 18.3 billion dollars this year.

The Obama federal budget to be approved by Congress stands at 3.8 trillion dollars.