Google To Acquire Travel Software Company

Google-LogoThe world’s largest Internet search engine will be buying one of the Web’s key providers of airline travel software.

Google has been able to make an agreement to buy ITA Software at a cost of 700 million dollars. The amount, to be paid in cash, will allow Google to improve flight and fare information searches online.

The search engine company said that they have no plans to sell airline tickets. It also said that it will honor all existing agreements that ITA has with its partners.

ITA provides information with major airlines and online travel agencies, among them American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Kayak, Orbitz, Southwest Airlines, TripAdvisor, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

The purchase will allow Google to compete with the recently relaunched Bing search engine by Microsoft. Bing focuses on specific search categories like travel and shopping.

ITA has been providing information to Bing.

There are about 500 people employed with ITA.