Google Begins Testing Self-Driving Cars

How would you like to own a car that would drive itself to your office while you’re in the backseat cramming to finish a report due in 30 minutes? Impossible? Not if Google succeeds in an ambitious project that many people may consider as something that’s possible only in the movies, or with David Hasselhoff around.

Google, yes, the Internet giant, revealed over the weekend that it has been testing cars that could drive themselves. The test drives are being carried out on the streets of California, and the early results are very encouraging. According to company officials connected to the project, the cars have been involved in only one accident during the testing period, and the incident was even caused by a human driver who rear ended one of the test vehicles.

During the tests, the cars are manned by two people, a stand-by driver in case something goes wrong and an engineer who monitors the software that controls the car.

So what’s in it for Google, you ask? Well, one of the possible benefits is that by leaving the driving to the car itself, owners can use the travel time to browse the Internet and expose themselves to Google advertising and other products.