Google Building Maker

google building maker image

I really admire and respect Google when it comes to innovation and coming up with fresh and creative ideas. And now, that admiration and respect has again risen. Google has recently announced the launch of another cool project – the Google Building Maker.

You probably know about Google Maps. Google’s project that mapped the world for everyone to see. It was done by taking satellite pictures from an eagle eye’s view (and angle). Today, they are trying to create a 3D representation of the 2D photographs they have and they need our help! Google announced this project to the public so that anyone wanting to be part of its success can do so.

First step of course is to sign up and install whatever plug-ins that are needed. After which you can go straight to business and do the following:

  • Select a city from around the world.
  • Make a building with photos they provide.
  • Save your building and it will be reviewed.
  • See your 3D building in Google Earth!

It’s that easy! You can try it out here.