Google Chrome Beta for Mac Now Available!


Google Chrome for Mac has finally arrived! Google’s web browser is now available in Beta (You can download it here).

Like its Windows version counterpart, Chrome for Mac also has themes where you can change the browser’s background to make it more appealing. (Check the gallery here).


By playing Chrome for a little while, I think that it’s safe to say that it’s a stable release but it’s still missing some features like support for extensions. On the other hand, Windows users can now download extensions for Chrome since Google Chrome Extensions also went live today. You can check it here.

If you’re on Windows, watch the video below for an explanation of how to manage and install extensions for Google Chrome:

After you install Chrome on your Mac, you can optionally import your Safari or Firefox settings, which means your bookmarks and certain preferences can carry over from your existing favorite browser.

Here’s a video for the Chrome Beta release for Mac:

You can now Re-enable ‘Install’ button for Mac Chrome Extensions. Matt Mastracci has created a simple bookmark that turns on the “Install” button for any Chrome extension. You need to use the Chronium build rather than Google Chrome to make it work. You can get one here.

[via TC]