Google Enters Electronic Books Arena

KindleGoogle is entering one market to another. Their latest target is the electronic books arena.

The company will compete against the current leader in e-books which is Amazon. The major difference is that Google will not be tied up with a specific device. Google Editions, the name of the service, will be browser-based while Amazon runs in limited devices notably Kindle (pictured). Other competitors are iBookstore by Apple, which currently runs in iPad and soon to iPhone and iPod Touch, and Barnes & Noble‘s Nook.

“It is a different approach to what most readers today have and the vision is to be able to access books in a device agnostic way,” said Gabriel Sticker, spokesperson for Google.

Since it will be browser-based, the service can be accessed by almost any device, from smartphones to tablets and netbooks to desktops.

Reports indicate that Google has already scanned more than 12 million books. That is more than the current offerings of Amazon.

Google Editions will start either by June or July. Prices are not yet disclosed.