Google greets Norman Rockwell a Happy Birthday!

Norman Rockwell

Search Engine giant Google is honoring American illustrator Norman Rockwell‘s birthday today, February 3.

Google replaced their logo with a doodle from one of Rockwell’s most popular sketches, the “Little Spooners”, a photo of a girl and a boy sitting beside each other with a puppy while watching the sunset. The image was printed on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on April 24, 1926.

In his lifetime, Rockwell’s original works ballooned to as many as 4,000 with a total of 322 original covers published over 4 decades. He is most famous for cover illustrations he made for The Saturday Evening Post magazine and also for the illustrated advertisements for the Boy Scouts of America, Coca-Cola, and Ford Motor Company.

The artist died at the age of 84 on November 8, 1978 because of emphysema.