Google Phone Nexus One Being Tested by Google Employees

Google has announced on its blog post that it has been testing its new phone, the Nexus One, by its own employees ending months of speculations over Google’s venture in the mobile

That is the most official news that can be get from Google. Bloggers had been reporting specifications and pictures of the device (like the one pictured here).

For the specifications, it will be thinner than iPhone, will be running via Android mobile operating system and Qualcomm’s  1Ghz snapdragon chips, no keyboard, two microphones and has a large camera. The device was designed by Google and manufactured by HTC Corporation. has reported that the phone will be sold next month online from Google’s own websites making it unlocked. If this is true, a user will be able to explore and use all of the phone’s capabilities. Apple‘s iPhone, for example, is locked with AT&T and does not allow users to enjoy the device’s tethering capabilities.