Google Plans YouTube Pay-Per-View Movies

Some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters could soon be available to YouTube users–for a fee. The Financial Times said in a report that Google wants to turn its YouTube channel into a major player in the online pay-per-view market by tying up with the biggest Hollywood studios.

The report claimed that the Internet search giant has been talking to Hollywood studios for months now in a bid to reach deals that would turn YouTube into one of the biggest pay-per-view film sites. Google is reportedly targeting an end-of-the-year global launch for the pay-per-view service. Under the plan, newer films would be offered at around $5 per stream, with titles becoming available on YouTube once they are released on DVD.

Hollywood studios would likely agree with Google’s plan, as they are looking for new avenues to distribute their films due to declining DVD sales. If the plan materializes, the service might first be offered in the U.S. before gradually becoming available in other countries.

Google has become more aggressive with its pay-per-view plans following Apple’s announcement of a re-launch of its improved TV offering, which would now be called iTV. Apple is expected to re-launch its 99-cent TV show rental service on September 1.

YouTube started offering several hundreds of older movies this year, but the service has received little support from users.