Google puts Chrome on TV


Google has launched its first TV advertising campaign ever in the US to promote its free web browser, Chrome.

The video was initially designed to run just on YouTube, but the team decided to see if they could use it in a more traditional ad campaign to “raise awareness” of the browser.

“We’re excited to see how this test goes and what impact television might have on creating more awareness of Google Chrome,” Mike Steib of Google TV Ads and Anna-Christina Douglas of the Google Chrome team noted on the official Google blog.

According to recent statistics from Net Applications, Chrome is used by just 1.4% of internet users compared to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, used by 66% of users. Mozilla’s Firefox comes in second place with 22% of web users and Apple’s Safari program comes in third, with 8%.

The campaign was developed by Google’s Japan office and is just part of a series of viral videos spotlighting Chrome. It shows a stop-motion animation in which a tray of children’s play bricks is rearranged to resemble a browser window – an image intended to represent the simplicity and ease of using the web browser.

The ad ran on various U.S. TV networks during the weekend.