Google: Suspected Chinese Hackers Attacked Gmail

Google has accused hackers from China of trying to steal account passwords from the Internet giant’s Gmail email service, further straining the relationship between Beijing and the world’s largest search engine company.

Google announced on Wednesday that hundreds of Gmail accounts were attacked by the alleged Chinese hackers. Among the accounts targeted were those owned by some U.S. government officials and Chinese activists, Google said. However, China strongly rejected the allegations, describing Google’s claims as “unacceptable.”

Google’s revelation has prompted the U.S. government to launch an investigation. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the FBI has been tasked to look into the “very serious” allegations. “We are obviously very concerned about Google’s announcement regarding a campaign that the company believes originated in China to collect the passwords of Google email account holders,” she said. “These allegations are very serious. We take them seriously, we’re looking into them.” Despite Clinton’s statement, the White House said on Thursday that it was confident that no government email accounts were breached in the alleged hacking attempt.