Google unveils holiday doodle for 2010

Google Holiday Doodle

Google has unveiled its most complex doodle ever on its home page this morning as the search engine giant commemorates the holiday season.

The new artwork features 17 holiday images inspired by different countries around the globe such as Japan’s Mount Fuji, the Great Wall of China and the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. My personal favorite is the snowy scene of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. And after clicking the picture, I was redirected to a page of search results on the famous Russian Orthodox church.

Google doodles, which began over a decade ago, commemorate history, holidays, pop-culture phenomena and scientific achievements. There have been Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, Hans Christian Andersen honored, John Lennon singing and Norman Rockwell’s birthday.

The holiday doodle, which took five artists and about 250 hours to design, will remain on the site for two and a half days before the normal Google logo returns.