Google, US Spy Agency Combine Forces Vs Cyberattacks

The animosity between the United States and China has extended into cyberspace. The US National Security Agency has tapped Internet giant Google’s help in patrolling cyberspace and blocking cyberattacks from China. The move comes as US government intelligence reported a spike in cyberattacks from China. Pentagon officials had earlier said that monitoring cyberspace should be increased as the Internet is now considered the next battleground.

Google vice-president Nicole Wong is set to appear before Congress to explain to lawmakers what role the Internet search engine will play in the alliance. Reports said the partnership would allow the NSA to get Google data that could help prevent cyberattacks. However, user searches and e-mail accounts will remain restricted and safe from the prying eyes of the government.

The deal has raised concerns from privacy advocates, with the Electronic Privacy Information Centre immediately filing a Freedom of Information Act request to compel the government to release more information about the alliance.