Gordon Brown Will Step Down as Prime Minister

10-downing-streetBritish Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced Monday, May 10, at 10 Downing Street that he will step down as the leader of the Labour Party.

“I have no desire to stay in my position longer than is needed,” he said.

Brown has instructed the party to begin the process of electing its new leader.

Some are viewing his announcement as selfless act and that he thought first of his party and the country. Others believe that the move will help position the party to have a better deal with the Liberal Democrat party.

Potential MPs that being considered to succeed him are Ed Balls of Morley and Outwood, and brothers Edward Miliband of Doncaster North and David Miliband of South Shields.

Under UK politics, the leader of the dominating party in the House of Commons becomes Prime Minister. Labour Party lost majority in the recently concluded national elections to Conservative Party. Not one of the parties, however, reached overall majority and the nation currently has a hung parliament.

Brown took the PM position last June 27, 2007 when he succeeded Tony Blair.