Gossip: Rihanna pregnant with Brown’s baby?


The National Enquirer and Star take on the Rihanna pregnant story. According to the gossip magazines, the RnB princess might be pregnant during the shocking incident.

Star’s front page has a photo of Chris and Rihanna with the “Was she pregnant?” question screaming as a headline from the mag.

From Star Magazine:

Just days before the alleged assault, Rihanna had consulted an OB/GYN at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after confiding to close friends that she suspected she was pregnant with Chris’ baby.

“Rihanna was afraid to tell Chris about it because she was sure he didn’t want to have a baby, “says a source … on Jan 26, Rihanna, wearing dark sunglasses, a black off-the shoulder top, black pants and black boots, had a scheduled appointment at the office of Dr. Gregory Ewertz in Cedars-Sinai Medical center.”

From the National Enquirer:

”Oh, my God, I could lose the baby!”

The report claims, Rihanna told her friends the thought of losing the baby raced through her mind as her boyfriend allegedly beat her.

The crime of beating a woman while pregnant could carry the charge of attempted murder for Brown if this turns out to be true.